Update 16/06/2020

Hopefully, all of our patients, current and new patients are aware of the developments re the future provision of medical services in Askam by DVMP.  

The official date for DVMP to commence our new contract is 1 July 2020.  (For information, we understand that the current practice in Askam will not be operational after 30 June 2020). 

Patients from Askam, who have already chosen to register with DVMP may already be used to our current delivery of services during the continuing Covid 19 crisis “ways of working”.  However, others may not have been to the practice yet.  So, hopefully you will be supported and helped by our teams at the practice when you do need to access them for the first time. 

Like you, we do not know when this Covid 19 situation may improve but we will continue to deliver the best services we can throughout this time.   

In the meantime, DVMP will try to make the transition period for everyone choosing to be registered with us as smooth as possible.  Nevertheless, there are many things that are not in our control such as the timings of any electronic transfer of patient records to us.  

This electronic transfer for patients at Askam, who have not yet registered at another, alternative practice already will be taking place from Friday 19 June 2020.  We understand that this means any remaining patients who are still registered at Askam will be automatically transferred to and registered at DVMP.  The Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) are in control of this electronic transfer process. 

As soon as we know a date to commence delivering services in Askam itself we will let you know.

We hope that all patients will bear with us during this transition period.  

Should anyone have any urgent concerns in respect of any current developments please do not hesitate to contact DVMP and we will try to answer all of your queries.

Best wishes to everyone.

All at DVMP.